What is the Annual Compliance for Pvt Ltd Company?

RoC compliance for Private Limited Company is mandatory. Despite the total turnover or the capital amount, these companies must have to comply with the annual compliance requirement. The annual compliance is due after the AGM of the company since its first financial year.

Benefits of Annual Compliance

  • It helps to avoid monetary penalties as well as legal implications on the company.
  • It comforts to build and sustain the credibility of the company in the market.
  • To get better operational functioning and visibility.
  • It helps in maintaining and promoting brand trust and goodwill of the company.
  • Being compliant also helps in keeping an overall check on the business and its working thus ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Also, it helps to get an upper edge among the competitors.

Documents required for Annual Filing of Company

  • Incorporation Document
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Audit Report & Board Report
  • DSC of Director

Process of Annual filing of company

Day 1 – Collection

  • Discussion and collection of basic information
  • Provide Required Documents
  • Decide the due dates of ROC filing for Pvt. Ltd. Company

Day 2-4 – Preparation

  • Drafting necessary documents
  • Attachment of supporting documents

Day 5 onwards – Filing

  • Filing of AOC – 4 (Financial Statements)
  • Filing of MGT – 7 (Annual Return)

Private Limited Company Compliances

  • Submission of Compliance ADT-1, INC-20A, INC-22A
  • Preparation and filing of Income tax return of company
  • Accounting of company transactions
  • GST Monthly Returns (GSTR 1 and 3B)
  • Reconciliation of 2A with purchase every quarter
  • Preparation of Computation, P&L, Balance Sheet, Board Report, Audit report of the company

Analysis charts and statistics

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