In a world where” food safety” is often neglected by people, it is essential for companies to ensure them in the first place before selling their items in the market.

To start with, FSSAI – The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, which was established in 2006 under the Food Safety and Standards Act, is responsible for regulating and supervising the food safety standards in India.

Well, considering the vast range of operations that the organization has to look after, the FSSAI registration online process is also not less overwhelming. However, with Vedkee Associates on board, your journey of ensuring your customers are served tasty treats of top-notch safety standards is definitely a cakewalk.

FSSAI Registration Online

Why Is FSSAI Registration Mandatory?

Getting registered under FSSAI is really important for any and every food processing company to ensure that their food items are safe for human consumption. Having its badge on the packets will not only make the products reliable but will also give the company a competitive edge in the market.

Apart from this, FSSAI registration helps a company expand its market reach and gain access to new opportunities by building a positive brand image.

The FSSAI Registration Process Is in Simplified Steps:-

According to the experts of Vedkee Associates, the complete procedure of FSSAI registration online is quite exhausting. Right from the collection of the required FSSAI registration documents to bearing with the departmental visits, the entire system is capable of messing with your mental peace.

Simplifying the process step-by-step we have:-

  • Proper submission of the FSSAI registration form, .e. Form A or Form B, on the FoSCoS portal, accompanied by all the required FSSAI registration documents.
  • If the application is rejected, it will be notified within seven days of submission. In this case, it has to be intimated to the applicant in writing.
  • During this time period, the department may conduct an inspection of your food products before providing the FSSAI registration certificate.
  • If your company meets all the food standards, FBO will grant the FSSAI registration certificate, which can be easily downloaded by logging into the FoSCoS portal.

Although simple, the FSSAI registration process is not at all easy. It requires in-depth corporate knowledge for an individual to fill out the registration form properly and submit all the necessities.

What Makes Vedkee Associates the Best Partner for FSSAI Registration Online?

Being in this field for quite a long time now, Vedkee Associates is a renowned registration partner that offers a wide range of legal help.

To name some of our top-notch services, we have:-

  • Complete help with the application process- Right from documentation to submission of the application form, our corporate experts help you with everything. Apart from this, licensing and renewal procedures are also under our checklist.
  • Follow-up- Apart from offering expert advice on compliance, regulation, and specific requirements, we at Vedkee Associates help you track your application process and receive all necessary updates on time.
  • Post-registration support- Well, we do not withdraw our support once we are done with the registration. Rather, we stay with our clients till the very end and provide them with paperwork whenever necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A passport-sized photograph, identity proof of applicant, business authentication proof, proof of property ownership, address, and business address proof are the essential FSSAI registration documents
The FSSAI registration process takes at least two months from the complete completion of the application process to the issuing of the final FSSAI registration certificate.
Yes, every food business, big or small, is advised to get registered by FSSAI to build a positive brand image.
Yes, it can be done. However, the entire registration process is quite overwhelming and requires in-depth legal knowledge to complete it.
Yes, any organization that deals with food distribution in social gatherings or religious places does not require an FSSAI registration check.

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