Be it for a small business or a large established firm, understanding the maze of company annual returns has always been tricky. The process is quite daunting, from having the required legal knowledge to filling out the company’s annual returns form properly.

Despite being overwhelming, every company must file annual returns with the Registrar of Companies yearly. Thus, to make this compliance process less horrifying, we at Vedkee Associates try to fashion compliance solutions that fit your business like a bespoke suit.

So, if you are a solo trader or a corporate employee working for Pvt, Ltd companies, stay with us till the end as we prove ourselves to be the best in the business.

Best Company Annual Return Gurgaon
Best Company Annual Return Gurgaon

Navigating the Complexities of the Company’s Annual Returns Process

In Gurgaon’s bustling business hub, compliance is the key to keeping your ship afloat. Whether you are a small business, a corporate giant, or a solo entrepreneur, you must follow the annual return company law under every condition.

To simplify the entire process of company annual returns, let us start with the documents required to fill out the company annual returns form.

The required documents are:- 

  1. A balance sheet
  2. The profit and loss statement of the company
  3. The annual auditor’s and director’s report
  4. Cash flow statement
  5. Shareholding pattern of the firm
  6. Secretarial audit report

Once you are done with collecting the required documents, you can fill out your company annual returns application and submit it before the annual return of company due date. In general, the due date for submitting the company’s annual return report is on or before the 30th of every year. Failing to do it can cause the owner to face bureaucratic hurdles or compensating with hefty fines.

Why Choose Vedkee Associates As Your Company’s Annual Return Consulting Partner in Gurgaon?

Vedkee Associates is a leading consultant in company annual returns-filling services in Gurgaon. Following all the ROC regulations and maintaining the annual returns company law, we at Vedkee strive to ensure our clients have hassle-free and efficient business solutions.

To name our top-notch services, we offer you with:-

  • Customized solutions for every business structure– At Vedkee, we are not fans of the ‘one-size-fits-all fits all” approach. Pvt Ltd companies, partnership companies, or start-ups each deserve tailored solutions with complete legal guidance.
  • Expert guidance for regulatory compliance– With a team of well-versed professionals, we not only guide you through the entire process of filling the company’s annual returns but also ensure that you are ahead of the curve.

Our legal experts and capable consultants listen to each client closely and gift them a hassle-free registration experience.

  • Ensuring on-time compliance within the due dates- Missing the annual returns of company due dates is not just our thing! We at Vedkee are both sticklers for accuracy and timekeepers. Our precision clockwork promises that the filings are not just “to the point” but punctual, thus keeping your business in the good book of the law.
  • Pocket-friendly prizing – Unlike most firms that help you with company annual return reports in Gurgaon, we offer our clients the best services at the most affordable prices. We try to understand their causes and help them with the best deals available to us without causing them to empty their pockets.

Your Trusted Consulting Partner in Gurgaon

Voted by 100+ customers for the past years, Vedkee Associates is not just a service-providing company but a trust badge. We at Vedkee are not here to weigh our clients down with compliance; we are here to serve as co-pilots, helping businesses reach heights while we handle the nitty-gritty.

So, wait no more and board your successful flight today. Contact or mail us at – to book a free session. Further, to stay updated with our latest launches and services, don’t forget to check us out at –

Key Takeaways 

Yes, filing the company annual return reports is stressful, but with Vedkee, the show is not the same!

So, waste no more of your precious time and cut through the compliance chaos with us. From the annual returns of the company due date worries to suiting businesses with tailored solutions, we look after everything that matters.

FAQs: Company Annual Returns

The company's annual return is a process that the directors of the company need to undergo every year to review and confirm the company's details on the register. Well, for this action, you do not need any financial information about your company.
Under the Companies Act 2013, the company annual returns are a yearly statement that needs to be filed by the company irrespective of its nature, status, or financial position.
For the financial year of 2023-24, the ROC filing should be done within 30 days of the termination of the AGM. Considering this, the ROC filing was due by 29th Oct 2023 and should follow the same in 2024.
Every company starting, from small businesses to solo traders, is eligible for filling their company annual returns.
Yes, the annual return is mandatory for every company, irrespective of its size, nature, and status under the Companies Act 2013.