Whenever you need to start a business, there are many facets that you have to think about before specifying any business structure. Here, in today’s blog post, we have brought you all the details related to Pvt. Ltd. Company Registrationand its consultancy service.

Furthermore, you’ll dig deep into all the important aspects of Pvt. Ltd registrationlike what the necessary compliance mandated by a Pvt. Ltd company is, what the documents needed for the registration of Pvt. Ltd. Company are and so on.

What is Pvt. Ltd. Company?

A Private Limited is a company that is confidentially held for small businesses. It is a separate legal entity. The detriment of the members of a Pvt. Company is exclusive to the proportion of shares respectively held by them. Shares of the Pvt. Ltd. Company can’t be publicly bartered.

How to Start the Registration of Pvt. Ltd. Company

In India, Pvt. Ltd. Company Registrationis completely an online process. Recently, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has replaced the earlier SPICe form with a new web form called SPICe plus (SPICe+ is a part of initiatives and commitments by the Government of India towards Ease of Doing Business (EODB).

Hence, registration of a Pvt. Ltd Company is even easier now.

Required Documents for Pvt. Ltd. Company Registration

Let’s discuss the substantial documents that are needed for the Pvt. Ltd Registration –

  1. Pan Card of all the directors
  2. Photographs of all the directors
  3. ID proof of all the directors (Voter ID, passport or driving license).
  4. Electricity bill, holding tax bill or any other utility bill as the address proof of the registered office area.

Some Special Requirements

  1. A Pvt. Ltd. Company must have a registered office in India. Documents like electricity bills, holding tax bills or bank statements must be recent.
  2. A utility bill, rent agreement or sale contract and a NOC (Non- Objection Certificate) from the property owner with his / her proper authorization to use the space as a registered office of a computer must be acknowledged as well.

Necessary ROC Compliance / Company Compliance Required for a Pvt. Ltd. Company

All the details that you should know about essential ROC Compliance include:-

  1. GST Registration –Within 30 days of business incorporation in India, every private limited firm is required to get its GST registration completed. GST registration is required if the business supplies goods intrastate or delivers goods and services online or when the turnover of a company is more than INR 40 lakhs or INR 20 lakhs in a special category state.
  2. GST Return –Once a Pvt. Ltd. firm is registered under GST it is mandatory to file GST returns. GST returns can be filed monthly, quarterly, or yearly relying upon the types of GST returns form one is filling.
  3. Accounting –A proper book of accounts shall be maintained to illustrate an authentic and fair view of the state of affairs of the company by every private limited firm. It is very crucial for annual filing, IT return filing, and statutory audit which is extremely obligatory.
  4. Statutory Audit –Every Pvt. Ltd. Company is required by law to appoint an auditor within 30 days of a company, incorporation to conduct an audit of its financial statements of each financial year.
  5. MAT Audit –Minimum Alternate Tax i.e., MAT audit is compulsory for the accounts of every private limited company.
  6. Income Tax Audit –Under the section of 44AB of income tax law and its fulfilment every Pvt. Ltd. Company requires getting the tax audit done.
  7. ROC Annual Filing –A Pvt. Ltd. Company compulsorily needs to file 3 forms every year which include a balance sheet, P&L account in form AOC4 and annual return in the form MGT-7.
  8. IEC Registration –Import-export code registration is mandatory for all those private limited companies which are engaged in the import and export of goods. IE code has a lifetime validation.
  9. TM Registration –By trademark registration, one may get the security of the ownership of the Pvt. Ltd. Company name or brand name or logo etc.

How to Choose Pvt. Ltd. Company Consultants?

For any Pvt. Ltd. Company Registrationin India, there are many Pvt. Ltd. Consultants available to help you out and ease your work. One needs to choose an authentic and reasonable fees consultancy service provider.

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So, before going for Pvt. Ltd. Company registration one can take the help of Pvt. Ltd. Registration consultancy service to get their job done easily and safely. All the details required for the registration process of Pvt. Ltd. Company is mentioned in this blog.