Trademark Registration Online in India

Get Your Complete Guide To Trademark Registration Online in India With Us!

If you are a business owner looking to protect your brand identity, take notes because trademark registration is an essential step. Although it sounds like “Not-my-cup-of-tea”, a trademark is a unique badge that distinguishes your goods and services from those of your competitors. It’s an identification label that gives businesses exclusive rights to use it […]

Shop Act Registration Services in Gurgaon

Legitimize Your Business With Our Shop Act Registration Services in Gurgaon!

Are you a business owner aiming to authorize your enterprise? If you are a corporate employee looking for the best shop act registration in Gurgaon, pull your brakes; you are at the right place! Right from ensuring compliance for your business to making it future-ready, we at Vedkee Associates take every action to make our clients successful. Our […]

GST Registration Consultant in Gurgaon!

Simplify Your Business Setup With Our Expert GST Registration Consultant in Gurgaon!

Right from small business owners to large partnership firms, GST registration has been a topic of nightmare. Often grappled with complexities, the GST registration process is time-consuming and requires huge corporate knowledge for the individual to cope with its requirements. Considering the tedious process that follows the GST registration process, budding proprietors are usually advised to seek expert […]

Guide for Proprietorship Firm Registration in India

Starting a business is a fantastic first step toward achieving one’s entrepreneurial goals. A proprietorship firm is a common option for numerous start-ups and small companies due to its straightforwardness and simplicity of operation among the different business forms available. This article explores the nuances of proprietorship firm registration in India, illuminating its advantages, the procedure, […]

Major Disadvantages of GST in India

What is GST? Goods and service tax also known as GST is an indirect form of tax which has been levied in India for the supply of goods and services. GST came in to effect on 1 July, 2017 after an amendment was made by the Government of India. GST has replaced the pre-existing system […]

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